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Adviser & Consulting of small business , Broker's , Investments , Insurance , Tax ...your Counselor in Spain.

Gestofice Soc.Ltda. welcomes you to our place on the Web

Our Mission

Gestofice Soc.Ltda. is dedicated to helping small business owners meet their business and personal goals. For most, these goals include increased profits , better cash flow and increased peace of mind.

Our counseling and support services address most management areas of a small business . They are structured to complement the skills and capabilities available in a business to provide a customized solution.

Because we focus exclusively on smaller companies , we are able to assist with a business changing needs . We support owners that are starting out and enterprises that are expanding and growing. We also work with established companies that are seeking a better return or improved management procedures . Marketing Business , Tax Financial Management.

We continually emphasize communication and planning to help the business owner maximize their investment in our services.

Whether on a year-round basis or for an individual project , Gestofice Soc.Ltda. will work with you to solve problems, plan for business growth, and avoid legal and tax compliance issues . We can help you to make and keep more money.

Our Services

  • Business
    • Business Plans
    • Business Structuring
    • Business Valuation
  • Marketing
    • Market Planning
    • Promotional Programs
  • Management
    • Pricing
    • Budgets
    • Benefit Plans
    • Retirement Programs
    • Employee/Management Assessments
    • Business and Employee Policies
    • Employee Verification
  • Financial
    • Record-keeping Systems
    • Financial Statements
    • Profitability Analysis
    • Break - even Analysis
    • Small Business Loans
    • Record-keeping Service
    • Payroll Service
  • Tax
    • Tax Compliance
    • Income Tax Return Preparation
    • Year Round Tax Planning
    • Tax Advisory

The Problems We Solve

"There never seems to be enough cash"

"Where am I....I'm always busy, but am I getting ahead?"

"I've tried advertising, but it never seems to work."

"I need to start thinking about retirement."

"We're doing very good, but can I pay less in taxes?"

"Good people are hard to find ... and even harder to keep!"

"I'd really like to expand the company, but I'm not sure I have enough money, or it's worth the risk."

Year - Round Support

Gestofice Soc.Ltda. can assist your business through year - round support or help you to solve a specific problems or meet a particular objective . Most clients prefer the on-going assistance of a Gestofice Soc.Ltda. counselor.

At a minimum , year - round support provides continuous availability of your counselor to help you address changing business conditions . In addition , your counselor will meet with you 3 or 4 times through out the year . In these meetings , he will help you analyze your business performance , plan for your increased success , and guide you to achieve increased profits and tax savings.

Is It Time For A Change?

Has anyone shown you a way to reduce your taxes in the past 6 months?
Do you have sales and income projections for the next year?
Are you confident that you are in compliance with all tax laws and government regulations?
Do you know how your business performance compares to other companies in your industry?
Does your accountant or tax preparer regularly keep you up-to- date with tax saving ideas?
Do you have a business plan that is workable, effective and current?
Are you building equity in your business?
Is a profit and loss statement available shortly after the close of the month?
During the past three or four months, has your accountant, bookkeeper or advisor:
Identified your business problems and suggested solutions?
Helped you with a cash flow analysis?
Suggested ways to grow your business?

The answer to all these questions should be YES . If there are some NOs , you are probably not getting all the information and support you need . Please Call us , or send an E-mail : Gestofice Soc.Ltda.

We will meet with you to understand your business issues and objectives . There is no cost or obligation for our initial consultation.

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We will meet with you to understand your business issues and objectives. There is no cost or obligation for our initial consultation.